Smartphone based Vehicle Tracking

Get app and track, Android phone or tablet is now your new tracking device

How MyCarTracks works?


Mobile Workforce advantage

More jobs done, higher customer satisfaction and loyalty

How MyCarTracks works?

Discover MyCarTracks


Get rid of old GPS units

With MyCarTracks you don't purchase or install GPS unit to your vehicle


Use mobile device

Use your or employees phone or tablet as GPS tracking unit

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Start mobile app and record vehicles / workforce trips


All GPS positions and mileage data are securely stored on the cloud


Web Management Application

  • real-time positions
  • trips history
  • job dispatch
  • fleet administration
  • analytics and reports

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Connect with third-party systems (CRM, ERP, ...)

Saves money and time

Saves money and time

Increase efficiency, reduce paperwork processing time, know where your vehicles are and make smart decisions.

How it saves me money

Start tracking in minutes

Start tracking in minutes

No hassle with GPS unit purchase and installation, just install Mobile Device Application into your phone or tablet and you're ready to track!

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Vehicle GPS Tracker with broader use

MyCarTracks is universal GPS tracker mobile application for tracking various types of vehicles in your fleet. Fits for:

  • Individuals and business owners who wants to save considerable costs or track for free
  • Personal car, small, middle or big fleet – suitable for broader use
  • Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats or Heavy Construction Vehicles - fits for any type of fleet
  • Car Commanding and Dispatching System (Field workers, Taxi, Transporting, ...)
  • Tracking Cargo Shipments

MyCarTracks now includes Jobs to dispatch and track workers that work in the field like:

  • Sales representatives
  • Utility services
  • Merchandising companies

How others use MyCarTracks?

Customer testimonials

Very useful to track my taxi vehicles. Thank you!
5 stars

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Our users already recorded
112.184.410,01 km
(69,707,312.95 miles)
9,993,540 tracks
44,609,841 hours

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Main features

Mobile app installation

There are two ways how you can install the mobile app. Choose the one you are more familiar with.

From your web browser

1. Go to Google Play Store MyCarTracks app.

Go to Google Play
(click on this button or search "mycartracks")

2. On the left click on Install button.

If you aren't signed in then SIGN IN.
Select device on which you want to install MyCarTracks app.

3. Press Install at the bottom right.

4. After the app is installed on your device, search for it under apps.

From your mobile/tablet

1. Start Google Play Store (old name Market).

Google Play app icon
(Play icon on your mobile)

2. Click on Search Icon on top right Play search and search for "mycartracks".

Google Play search result
(search result looks like this)

3. Tap on the result to view MyCarTracks app page. Then click on Download button.

4. Wait till the app is installed. Right after the installation ends you can tap on Open or go to your apps and search for MyCarTracks.

This is how our app icon on your phone/tablet looks like:
MyCarTracks app icon

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