Track your vehicles

Track your vehicles

Track your vehicles with MyCarTracks and see their actual and historical positions. Integrate with your payroll system to save your precious HR time.

Install in 5 minutes

Ready in minutes

MyCarTracks Android app on phone or tablet is everything needed. Install it in minutes with no GPS hardware needed and start saving your fleet costs today.

Minimize your fleet risks

Minimize your fleet risks

Identify your reckless drivers to minimize your fleet risks and car repair costs.

Get more jobs done

Get more jobs done

Connect with your workforce in a field and get more jobs done.

Understand your data

Understand your data

Geofence Analytics gives you better understanding about your fleet and customers data for the best decision making.

Optimize your operations

Optimize your operations

Define your custom requirements and let us to optimize your fleet operations.

The most common Business Use


Make sure your construction materials are safe and on-site in time. Reduce vehicle maintenance by recognizing reckless drivers.


Learn how a Mobile application can be leveraged to replace outdated GPS units.

Wholesale & Retail

Save on fuel with real-time routing optimization between multiple customers, all made possible only with the power of Cloud.

Professional services

Decrease mileage your sales representatives need to travel and therefore minimize your vehicle expenses.


Share your records publicly to promote your individual team positions for marketing campaigns.

Health & Social Care

Enjoy high customer satisfaction with increasing on-time delivery.

What are people saying about MyCarTracks

"Very good, accurate I don't normally rate apps. But this is a good one. Just what was needed to track cross country travel."

Jake Carter
Oct 29, 2015, Google Play

"Awesome. Can't do my job without it"

Brett Slack
Dec 4, 2015, Google Play

"I use this app for work as a Transportation Engineer and everything is logical and easy to maneuver with."

Isaac Prizant
Dec 15, 2015, Google Play

"Simple, easy to use"

Joe OByrnes
Feb 15, 2016, Google Play

"Accurate and easy to use As a private tutor I do about 5000 miles of very short trips each year. This app tracks them all to within 0.01 miles - accurately! It's mostly automatic, but it could really use the ability to input my business hours so it can automatically determine personal vs business miles."

Russ Hanush
Aug 25, 2015, Google Play

"Great App and great service!!! Use on a daily basis and have never had any problems."

Donald Garrison
Aug 19, 2015, Google Play

"Super easy and useful Amazingly easy to use. Been testing offline functionality and then Sync, then analysis online. Works great."

Art Thai
Jun 30, 2015, Google Play

"Fantastic app. Works like a charm. Always know where your car is."

James Dunn
Nov 22, 2015, Google Play

"Easy to use and reliable Never had a problem with this app. Does exactly what is needed, multi vehicle configuration and track upload options give reliable performance with a small footprint and minimal battery use (handy when not plugged in). Devs did a really nice job on this, focusing on performance and function rather than glossy user interface."

Paul Smith
Apr 11, 2015, Google Play

"Love it Does what I need it to do in a simple manner. Keep up the good work!"

David Swanson
Jan 23, 2015, Google Play

"This is a great product and has very good support."

Ken Rembold
Jan 11, 2016, Google Play

"Perfect! I love this app, runs seamlessly in the background and records my trips near perfectly on my Galaxy Note3. Highly recommended. Also received helpful advice when needed from the developer. 5 stars!!"

David Cann
Jul 3, 2015, Google Play

"Exceeded my high expectations This app does what it says it can do. It's so easy to work and sooo awesome for work."

Todd Shaver
Apr 11, 2016, Google Play

"This is my first time using this app. It did exactly what it said it would. I love this app and would recommend this app to anyone."

Justin Commee
Jan 9, 2016, Google Play

"Fantastic app Application works as described. Nice battery saving features. Simple to use on the mobile side as well as the server side."

Eric Robinson
Jan 22, 2015, Google Play

"The best trip tracker ever It does what other trackers can't and it does it so well."

Tumo Maokisa
Jan 18, 2015, Google Play

"What a great app. No bother at all, just set it on auto and forget about it. Every movement track and logged, along with speed statsnfor each trip."

Sandile Mthethwa
Apr 12, 2016, Google Play

"Impressive! This is the third of this kind of app I've tried and this one showed my route of the day on the map exactly where I've been or I'm at. Not just zigzagging lines and points on the map I don't even recognize."

Junnell Accento
Nov 6, 2015, Google Play

3,500+ ratings on Play Store
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recorded Hours

of MyCarTracks


Automatic detection

Automatic drive detection makes sure your drivers never miss a single mile record. It prevents GPS from draining battery and restarts the tracking whenever your phone was rebooted.

Job dispatch

Job dispatch

Allows remote job assignment and job completion verification without administrative overhead. Automatic alerting notifies you whenever the certain job has been started.



With pre-defined and custom report options, you will never lack data for your fleet efficiency optimization decisions. Learn how much your vehicle are spending on the roads.

Professional features

Professional features

Take care of even big fleets in just a matter of minutes. From delegating different access rights to your employees to integrating MyCarTracks with your CRM thanks to robust API.

Smartphone based Vehicle tracking

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