GPS vehicle tracking

One of the best rated and most downloaded Vehicle tracking applications on Google Play. Get rid of standard fixed GPS hardwired into your vehicles. Move on to the 21st. century and use your driver phones to track your fleet. Utilizing mobile phones instead of fixed GPS unit allows you to get more features with zero installation costs.

Start to track your fleet now

Fully automatic record keeping

MyCarTracks app comes with unique driving detection that automatically starts recording positions so no trip records are ever lost. Just start recording, put phone in pocket and go. You can choose from different auto recording modes: on move, connected to Bluetooth or connected to a charger. Leveraging our Tasker plugin helps you to automate further actions based on predefined actions e.g. working hours. position.

Stop worrying about missing records


Make your life easier with out-of-the box reports available for many purposes. From simple Log Book to specific IRS reports - print out all the historical data in the right format with just a few clicks to reduce the paperwork time. Custom reports are also available upon request and can be quickly created for any of your needs. Standard reports include: Log Book, Vehicle mileage statistics and Geofence/Customer time reports which are great for ROI calculation.

Get back in time with only few clicks

Fleet Performance optimization

Analyze driving routes and travel time to and between your Customers to save on expenses. Decreasing travel times also leads to earlier delivery and therefore increased customer satisfaction.

Optimize your fleet routing

Payroll integration and easier costs reimbursement

Reimburse your expenses and get the maximum tax deductions with automated Log books. Brace yourself and be ready for any unexpected audit with years of data retention. You can also use our API or standard exports to connect with your payroll system like SAP, ADP or other to save your precious HR time.

Master the bureaucracy in less time

Real-time overview of your fleet

Know in real-time where your workers are and where they have been. Immediately respond to customer questions regarding arrival times.

Command your fleet and conquer every roadblock

Flexible Job dispatch to workers in field

Dispatch daily work orders - jobs to your employee's phones and track the progress of the work your employees in a field do each and every day. Your employees then use mobile devices to Accept, Reject, Update and Check in and out of jobs. Record daily trips, work and job specific hours and be automatically alerted on whenever they enter or leave specific customer locations.

Stay connected with your fleet

Safety driving Coming soon

Be informed and alerted on how your drivers actually drive. Understand who creates the highest maintenance expenses by speeding/harsh braking and prevent these bad habits from damaging your vehicles and even more, your brand reputation.

Prevent the reckless driving and unnecessary losses

Geofences and Geofence Analytics

Get powerful insights with Geofence Analytics: know how much time your employee spent at customer location and how long and how much they drove to get there. Reveal which customer takes the most or least time from your workers service time.

Analyze your fleet effectiveness

Proof of work done

Give your customers proof of work you did for them. Share separate track records or even the whole fleet positions to your customers. Create and share your own branded live-maps for better marketing and social engagement.

Share your fleet positions to customers

Integrations and API

With our standard REST API you can download all recorded/calculated data from our servers to your external system. We will introduce integrations to existing systems and SDKs soon.

Automatize like a geek

Offline tracking

You don’t need to worry when for any reasons internet connection is not available. We thought of such situations and our app keeps tracking your drivers even if offline. All recorded data will be then sent back to MyCarTracks cloud when internet is available again. Assigned jobs can be also maintained offline with full automatic support.

Save on your monthly data plan

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